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East Nusa Tenggara Tours , is a tour operator, manage and controlling all the tours as per above package. BUT, we are not an Air lines Company or owned the air lines, therefore, for every flight delay for departure/arrival or even the cancellation of the flight, we are not act as the part of company to responsible and pay back your flight ticket when you decided  to cancel your booked trip with us, and then, and then we will not refund  all your payment, as you have paid for your booked trip. Some of your payment may will not able to pay back to you which may caused by any costs that we have paid to local transport, hotels, guide, and boats, including the flight ticket for refund may after your trip  done. Also, if the flight is delay or cancel on the day end of your trip which you are still in Labuan bajo, we are not the part of company to responsible for this matter, and this is absolutely  handle  by its airlines company.


This is very important. For every matter and complaint which rising during the tours being arranging, please directly talk to the guide to correct or changes the service or any parts of the trips which are not happy to you. And if the guide still not changes what do you wish to be, please contact one of our staff in our office in Bali and tell every thing what was happened on your tour. We are not accepting any complains after you are arrival in Bali and done the trips as schedule. Any claims for refund will be not accept after you are leave the Destination of your Tours.


On above packages, all accommodations are based to the standard Hotels/ Bungalow/Cottages. The price for all above packages are not included 3 up to 5 star Hotel and hot-cold water/swimming pools. To up grade your Hotel, please call to our staff and asking for price and rooms/Hotel up grade from standard to the better Accommodation. We recommend you to upgrade your Hotel/room, before arrival on your mentioned destination


An above packages for Komodo island and Rinca island Tour also for over night on board, all boats are Non Cabin and Non shower room. The boats is available for small toilet and not western  Toilet.  And in the night, you will stay  on the deck and our crew  will be prepare  your beds, such as: mattress, blanket  and pillows , and the boat  has designed  with upper  room and surrounded body cover at night and raining time.


All trips  are not included Travel insurance ! please prepare all your insurance Documents before going travel with us, and any property missing will be not in our responsibility. Things to be prepared  for all above  tours: your passport/Copy of passport, personal medication, sun hat, suns cream, trekking shoes, and sun glasses,  and enough cash in Indonesian Money.

To Confirm your booking, Full payment is required in advance, pay when you submitted the reservation ( names, travel dates, number of pax, contact details and more ). Or you can ask our reservation is there is possible to pay half in advance and half on meeting time before departure date. We accept PAYPAL payment, also bank transfer and Western Union,
Credit card accept for Visa and masterd card and acceptable only for direct swipe in our office. additional cost will be charged for Paypal ( 4% ) and als for credit card swipe will be charged 4%.

Should you, or a member of your party, be forced to cancel, you must advise us or our agent in writing, and cancellation is not effective until we receive this letter. If you cancel at anytime prior to departure the cancellation fee will be charged 10% per person from package prices, plus any other charges made by hotels, tours, transportation and flights. If cancellation is made within 21 days of departure, the fee will be 35 % of the cost of the package fare, and cancellation made within 10 days to 3 days is charged 70% for cancellation, and 3 days or no show on arrival date will be charged 100% for cancellation cost .

Remarks :

An exception is valid for a special agreements you’ve made with our staff , for example : No refundable which caused by the package  that you’ve bought is a special promo,  or any similar agreement regarding the cancellation that have been made with our staff’s .

08. REFUND :
Non refund for UNUSED services, also not refundable for less time of your trips caused by the delay of the flight departure .

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